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Walnut from Lot et Garonne

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The Walnut is the dry fruit of autumn. Its season goes from mid september to november but you can enjoy it until april. The Walnut is delicious plain when it crunches under the tooth, in an endive salad or on a cheese platter. « Our orchards are diversifying in Lot et Garonne and the Walnut is now part of our valleys ! »

The new harvest from our producer (47) is here, it is time to crack the nutshell !! Directly from the farm, it is the guarantee of freshness quality and local.

With the « Drive-thru », get your order from the vending machines in Tonneins, Agen or Tombebœuf within 24h.

Basket of Fruits "Plaisir"

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Basket of seasonal fruit full of vitamines !

Our basket of So’Primeur fruit contains around :

  • Comice pear : approx 1.3 kg Green kiwi : approx 680 gr Apple : approx 720 gr

The quantities are approximate and depend on the size of the fruit

Place your order and get your basket from the vending machine of your choice : Tonneins, Agen or Tombebœuf.

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